First Recovery Rising Workshop of 2015!
Envisioning the 2015 You!


Spend an afternoon with the Recovery Rising community in this
powerful workshop to set you on a focused and empowered path for
2015. Using Kundalini Yoga, Introspective exercises, Spiritual
Support circle, Ritual, Witnessing, and Movement you will have the
opportunity to:
*Release lessons of 2014
*Call in new lessons and set intentions
*Create your personal theme for 2015
*Rebirth through the powerful Kundalini Yoga kriya, “Releasing Your
Subconscious Stories”
*Create a personal vision board
*Participate in a Renewal Ritual
*Be witnessed and supported
Consider taking an afternoon just for YOU. In the healing space of
Kundalini Rising Yoga studio allow yourself to be guided as you
relax, release, dream, and welcome in a more focused, refined and
powerful vision of yourself.
Magazines, Poster Board, Snacks, and Supplies included.
Registration is required to secure your space.
Deadline to register is January 8th. No Drop Ins.
Once you are registered an e-mail will be sent to you with pre-workshop preparation suggestions.
Pricing: Early Registration Price: $45.00
Sign up after January 6th: $55.00
Saturday January, 10th 1:30 P.M.-5:30 P.M.
Kundalini Rising Yoga* 1218 Wedgewood Ave* Nashville, TN 37218
To sign up via paypal please visit the pricing page.
If you would like to send a check please e-mail: for address
Thank You
Do you experience one or more of the following:

  •  Low Self-Esteem
  •  Blocked Creativity
  •  Low Self-Worth
  •  Mild Depression
  •  Abandonment Issues
  •  Shame
  •  Stress and Anxiety
  •  Loneliness

On your recovery path do you...

Talk about your experiences with others?

Journal about your insights on a regular basis or would like to start journaling?

Have a stack of self-help workbooks you have completed or have yet to complete?

Want to figure out where to start and find others who are walking a healing path?

Are you ready to go to the next level of your healing?
Are you ready to heal those core issues beyond talking and writing about them?
Would you like the time and safe space to gain awareness and build a deeper relationship with self?
Are you ready to experience 5,000 year old time tested yogic tools brought into the 21st century?
Are you ready to RISE out of the old and Re-Discover your true self?

Recovery Rising












Recovery Rising is a six-week series that utilizes Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to address the physiological and energetic imbalances that keep one in a state of addiction, low self esteem, obsessive- compulsive tendencies, shame, blame, inner anger, and a lack of self-love.  



Sacred Support Circle


In addition to yoga, Recovey Rising students also participate in a weekly sacred support circle. This safe circle gives students the opportunity to build up trust and provide support to one another while going through the Recovery Rising journey together.





During the six-week series students are also provided with the time and space to explore:


*self-esteem building techniques

*inner child discovery

*positive affirmations

*free form dance


*guided meditations


*and more.  


Recovery Rising recognizes the importance of support during the week between classes. Once you are a student you will have access to the Recovery Rising Support Sanctuary Facebook group along with supportive mid-week check in videos from your facilitator.


Recovery Rising aims to provide students with the tools to assist them in recovering all parts of themselves. True healing and change begins within. Are you ready to rise?

Our original state is -'I AM.' This is our true essence at birth; who we are before any objects are acquired, any roles we chose to play, or labels we took on from others or ourselves. 'I AM' is a state of pure be-ing and truth. When we experience our 'I AM~ness' we are accepting every part of ourselves as okay, and we no longer have to resort to outside influences to feel better. This is the goal of Recovery Rising.







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