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I have taken many classes at Kundalini Rising but the Recovery Class is by far my favorite. I have experienced the most growth and change from this class and the support I have received from Kristianna and from fellow classmates has been invaluable. After just a few classes, the mantras and other transformational tools had begun to really permeate my being. More and more it is being revealed to me what Sat Nam, or “Truth is my identity”, really means to me. I used to struggle with smoking cigarettes, depression, and negative thoughts about my self-worth. Since beginning Recovery Rising, I can feel my true self emerging and have a newfound strength. As a result, these bad habits and thought patterns truly are just falling away. It’s not just about recovery from addictions and negative thoughts, for me it is about recovering my soul, my truth. The best part is the dreams I once had given up on are starting to resurface and I feel like anything I want to do with my life is possible. There is a special kind of soul-alchemy that happens in Kundalini Yoga, but I always experience the most “magic” in this class......try it, you’ll see!

Sat Nam,

My journey with Kristianna and Kundalini Yoga has taken me from the intro classes, to Yogi Bhajan, to Snatam Kaur, to Sat Nam, to Wahe Guru, and now I am one week away from my third sadhana practice. I have had so many "God Moments" in her classes, from the Mool Mantra to I Am. I remember when I first started taking classes and I was trying to describe the awareness and light that I was feeling and the connection to my soul. Thank you for helping me find the light in myself and others. Kundalini Yoga classes are helping me to detox my body, mind, and soul. I am letting go and letting God. I have set my intention to one day take the teacher training class at the studio. No, I don't want to be a teacher in front of the class, but I do want to learn more about Kundalini Yoga and share it with others.

For me personally, recovery is about replacing darkness with the light. Recovery Rising has given me the awareness and the tools to connect my mind and body to my soul. This awareness has extended from my daily practice of yoga and meditation into every aspect of my life. Sat Nam.

Endless love and light,

I have been attending the Recovery Rising class for several months, and over this period of time, there has been a remarkable improvement in my health and well being. Kristianna is an awesome instructor who has experience with the mix of recovery and Kundalini Yoga. I have more focus on what happens in my body, mind and spirit which enhances the discipline necessary for step and recovery work. There is a connection between my heart, head and body that I did not have before I began attending the class. I have more positive energy. I am a more creative and productive writer and musician. My moods are stable, and I have a greater balance of serenity and peace in my life. This class is worth driving 100 miles for every Sunday afternoon.

Sat Naam,
Lee Gray

It would be easy to say that going to Kundalini Rising Yoga is the greatest gift I've ever given myself. The problem is that "gift" makes attending class every week sound optional, almost like a luxury. In truth, it's more like going to the emergency room for chest pain. I was in crisis and doing Kundalini Yoga has proven to be an essential tool in my recovery. Challenged by more than just an extra 60 pounds, my whole life felt like a mess. This place is about way more than just yoga. They've helped me take back my life, my whole life - body, mind, and spirit.


"I am constantly seeking new methods of self healing and in that search I was lead to Recovery Rising. I respond well to eastern mind body work and am thrilled to have found Kristianna. She is so kind and her voice is soothing and engaging. Her sessions are relevant, varied and they have helped me be able to break into some of my stuck places and help me begin to see the good in life and feel joy again. A very nurturing non-judgmental recovery class. It's one of those classes that takes you full circle each time instead of stopping just when you are having a break trough at least for me. Even though I can't right now do all the poses because of some physical limitations I still achieve huge amounts of emotional healing. I have found that I have become much more flexible after just a few weeks and can't stand to miss a class without feeling my week isn't complete."