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About Recovery Rising


“It all begins within.”

Recovery Rising’s focus is on the physiological and energetic imbalances that keep one in a state of low – self- esteem, depression, shame, blame, inner – anger, and a lack of self-love. Recovery Rising classes are designed to be inclusive of ALL types of people on a path of self-healing and development. We are a trauma focused and sensitive program. We provide a safe space for students to reconnect to their bodies, access deeper truths within, and assist in returning to their original self. This is done by utilizing the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, expressive arts – including free form dance and inner child play, introspective exercises, group support, various self-healing teachings, mindfulness practices, service work, guest teachers, and more. Drug Addiction and alcoholism are two of the well-known forms of addiction. At Recovery Rising we also understand that process addictions such as love addiction and avoidance (intimacy dysregulation) and Co-dependency are just as painful and deadly as chemical addictions. Recovery Rising’s tools can provide additional support for body and inner awareness, emotional processing, and learning to have fun again.

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**Recovery Rising classes, series, workshops, and retreats are not led by licensed professional therapists, unless otherwise specified. Recovery Rising is not a replacement for therapy, but can be used in conjunction with ones behavioral health specialist.

Mission Statement

Providing a safe supportive, fun, healing, inspiring, and ever evolving life-recovery program for people seeking community, and ultimately a “return to their original self.”

About Us

About Kristianna

What Inspired Me To Create Recovery Rising?

Recovery Rising is the type of class and program I wish existed at the beginning of my self-healing and recovery journey. When I took my first Kundalini yoga class in Los Angeles, CA in 2001 I knew right away I wanted to one day teach it to others. Kundalini Yoga has also been instrumental with deepening the experience of my 12 step recovery path.

When it was advised to me at the beginning of my healing journey to attend an 6 week self-esteem class for women, it turned out to be one of the most eye opening and life changing experiences of my life. Once again I knew one day I wanted to be able to teach a similar class to others, who could benefit as I did.

The day I discovered “movement (dance) as medicine” I cried because something in my soul seemed to have woken up. Free form dance has been instrumental in assisting me with getting to deeper truths within my body for trauma healing, and to uplift my moods when nothing else seems too. I remember looking in my area for a class I could attend that I could dance in but with other people. There wasn’t at the time, and so I decided to provide it in my classes.

One of the most powerful groups I attended while enrolled at a treatment center for trauma was a womens spiritual sharing circle. There is a healing power and magic that happens in support circle work.

And finally, Inner child work via art and play has been extremely important in my life. To not only remind me of necessary play is in life, but the re-connection to that innocent part of self is key to practicing self-kindness and compassion. Since I discovered inner-child work, ive wanted to share it with others.

All of the above tools – including my 15 years in 12 step recovery programs, is what has assisted me with my on- going personal healing and growth. It is an honor and passion to share these tools and their benefits with others. My recovery journey, and the guidance of my higher power is what inspired e to create this program called, Recovery Rising.

About Us

History of Recovery Rising

Recovery Rising was brought into the world on January 7, 2011 in Nashville Tn. It began with a kick- off workshop called, “Releasing Inner Anger.” This event was a sold out, highly successful experience. It gave participants the opportunity to learn about various types of anger and how unprocessed anger can affect a persons physical and mental health. The workshop introduced practices to consciously and safely release anger including dance, primal screaming, breathwork, meditation, and specific Kundalini Yoga kriyas.

After that night Recovery Rising was held once a week on Sunday afternoons for a year. Some students drove over an hour each week just to attend. Each class would provide a theme such as, “dealing with depression” or “self-worth: defining ones values” and students would experience various experiential exercises, movement, yoga, and meditation practices that would accompany the class theme.

Eventually Recovery Rising weekly classes shifted into six-week long themed series. These series of classes became a journey that students would go on via workshop style classes. Each class would build on the previous weeks class. Assignments and video prompts were given during the week to keep students engaged between classes and in the flow of the experience. This gave opportunity for participants to grow in support and community with one another in a safe container.

Today Recovery Rising is growing into this new world for these new times, but it still holds the true to it’s original mission: To provide a safe, supportive, healing, inspiring, and ever evolving life-recovery program for people seeking community, and ultimately a “return to their original self.”